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We believe at Southern Pines we now have a complete Deer Management Program in place. We now have a feed plot planning program in both the spring and fall. We also have a mineral/salt lick at every field as well as several places in the woods. We also have a spring/summer supplement feeding program with high protein and high crude fiber content. Before planting this spring we limed 20 of our fields with over 18 tons of lime.


Detailed below is a brief re-cap of our Deer Supplement Program this year.



            A: We put out over 250 lbs. of minerals/salt

            B: We limed all our fields this spring with 18 tons of lime

            C: We planted several of our fields with clay peas for summer feeding.

            D: We put out over 3,000 lbs. of supplement feed – 21% Protein

                  Sportsman’s Choice – Record Rack

            E: This fall we planted all our fields in a biologic type seed – Buck Busters 

                 This seed is very high in Rape – 3 different kinds and in Clover – 2

                 different kinds as well as Peas. We planted this same seed last fall and

                 it came up a solid sea of Rape and Peas and grew almost waist high. The

                 Clover from this planting came up this summer. 

            F: We built five new trough feeders for our fields


We truly believe we have a complete Deer Management Program when you       add all of the above with our Deer Harvest restrictions.


            If you have any thoughts or ideas please e-mail us.