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We are proud to have three articles about the club published by Buckmasters Online and The Outdoor Alabama magazine.  We hope you enjoy them.  Be sure to click on the Monster Buck article to enlarge it.




Article #1  Tree Stand Safety is no accident

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Treestand Safety Is No Accident

By Stuart Goldsby, Regional Hunter Education Coordinator, Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries 

The use of elevated platforms for hunting purposes has increased tremendously and gone through considerable changes. More deer hunters take to the trees now than at any other time in history. Hunters have more choices and better engineered equipment than could have been imagined 30 years ago. Modern platforms are engineered with the safety of the user in mind. If properly used, these platforms are designed to reduce the risk of injury to the hunter.

When comparing and shopping for an elevated stand or fall-restraint device, only purchase equipment approved by the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA). Look for this indication on the packaging or visit TMA's website to view products they have approved.  

A fall-restraint harness is one of the least expensive investments in deer hunting gear, and can save your life when used properly. Read and follow the directions and instructions and practice using it before the day of a hunt. Having a recovery plan in place should you fall from a platform (while properly attached to the tree) is a must. You will only have a few minutes before the effects of suspension trauma (loss of consciousness) begin. Simply practice getting back to the platform or to the ground from a suspended position.

Don’t just wear your harness to climb up or down a treestand. To use it properly, attach the tether to the tree and remain attached to the tree until you are safely on the ground.  

Climb only a healthy, straight tree and always use a haul line to bring your equipment up behind you, only after you have reached your final stand placement. Before descending, lower your equipment using the haul line. Never rush, and know your limits; if you think you are high enough in the tree then you probably are.

Always let someone know where you will be and when to expect you back, even if you carry a cell phone.

When hunting season is over remove your stands from the woods and replace any damaged or expired equipment before storing. Always contact the manufacturer before making alterations to any equipment.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to hunt from an elevated position to have a successful hunt. Stalk hunting and the use of ground blinds have become increasingly popular and productive. You should hunt from the ground if it makes you feel more comfortable. 

The Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries received reports of 14 treestand accidents -- one of which resulted in death -- during the 2014-2015 Alabama deer season. The majority of the victims were complacent adults who chose to ignore simple safety rules while using an elevated platform.

Be responsible to yourself, your family and to the community of hunters. Follow all instructions and rules and keep safety the number one priority.  Remember, treestand safety is no accident!

Treestand Maintenance Could Save Your Life

Free Treestand Safety Course from TMA

Walk Away and Hunt Another Day


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